About Homeless Facts

Welcome to Homeless Facts

“Homeless Facts” is put together by volunteers with an aim to create a national database to show and educate the true figures of homelessness in the UK. The original team works directly on the streets of Blackpool & The Fylde and the website has come to fruition due to a need to extend the great work done locally across the entire nation.

The standout feature of our website is our homeless registration form that allows anyone anywhere in the UK to register a homeless person with the individual’s consent. Homeless registration helps to give the true figures of the problem which in turn helps bring the issue to light.

The truth is that nobody really knows how many homeless there are out there right now. We the help of volunteer teams around the country we hope to bring some real facts to life. 

Other Site Features

The “Homeless Facts” website is also a hub for other areas of help. We aim to provide rehabilitation support for addictions such as alcoholism and drug addiction as well as gambling. We are working on features to be able to help with unemployment; actively helping people find work. Other site features include mutual aid, homeless friendly tenants, reuniting families and much more. 

At the time of writing we still have many site areas under construction but please do use our homeless registration form if you are around the UK and would like to register someone as homeless. 

Check back soon for more updates.